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Online e-Learning Sessions is an affordable online live-streaming option. An instructor will be hosting a live, interactive session via a shared-screen conference that will allow your educators, students, and job-seekers flexibility.

Online e-Learning Subscription is an affordable option for organizations and job-seekers with a lower budget to gain digital access to all of our CTE curriculum contents. Contents will range from digital training manuals, digital curricula, and power point slides.

Career Readiness Topicse-Books

Job Search Prep e-Book

Don’t Get Romantic

Hiring Managers hunt for job seekers differently in today’s Post-Modern Workforce, therefore, submitting a résumé to a job posting and hoping for the best is no longer good enough to secure an interview. Projects are the new résumé, so is a strong and dynamic social media presence.

Interview Skills e-Book

Push the Boundaries of Social Science.

Interview skill contents today are generic and outdated. This coursebook features contents compiled from 200+ interviews, showcasing strategic risk-taking practices, unorthodox proof-of-concept contents and tactics to enhance employability and job placement.

Job Retention e-Book

Fit In, But Don’t Fit In!

How to Enhance Self-Awareness, Execute LifeHacks in today’s Post-Modern Workforce, and Keep Your Job or Get a Better One!

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Sample Interview Skills CoursebookSample Job Retention CoursebookSample Job Search Prep Coursebook