Jeremy Thio: PIH Health Hospital Whittier

Registered Nurse

Jeremy Thio: PIH Health Hospital Whittier

Dear Job Seeker,

I came into the Squarage seminar not knowing quite what to expect. Years ago, I attended UCSD Career Services’ Informational sessions on interviewing, and I learned some very useful tips and techniques there. Squarage’s interview workshop is a great resource that supplements everything you already know about interviewing and getting the job you want.

Eric Fan is a sharp and eccentric young man who makes the workshop energetic, silly, and interactive.

As a result of having attended the seminar, I feel that I was better equipped for interviews. After all, I needed all the help I could get because entering the nursing field as a new graduate is challenging these days. After three nursing job interviews at different hospitals, I was offered a job at my number one choice hospital, PIH Health Hospital Whittier, and I am proud to say that that is where I work now. Good luck and remember to always be prepared and be persistent!

Thanks Squarage!

Yours truly,

Jeremy Thio, RN BSN

Date: 12/2014

Client: Jeremy Thio