A Bedtime Story

Are you tucked in yet?

Once Upon A Time...

Millennials (born 1980-2000) didn’t like the workforce and the workforce didn’t like the Millennials either. The feeling was mutual.


Millennials would see the workforce as bossy and the workforce would see the Millennials as entitled and lazy.

One Day...

Squarage® designed an interview skills curriculum with highly unique job interview tips that weren’t generic or outdated.


Hiring managers in the workforce were surprised by how well Millennials were interviewing as if they never knew someone had a full house up their sleeve at a poker table.

And then...

Millennials started to enhance career pathways, student success, and employability because interviewers started hiring them like popular girls inviting someone new to their group.

Until Finally...

Squarage® bridged the social tension that existed between Millennials and the workforce with endless job placements. And the world was happy once again…

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High Schools, Colleges, City-Statewide Organizations, and more.

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Interviews for college, getting a job, or trying to get a new one.

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Most people are afraid. You’re not most people.

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