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Hardcore Mental Health Conditioning Curriculum

“They say seeing is believing, but sometimes it’s believing first that leads to the seeing.”

There is a mental health epidemic.

Mental illness has amplified for the Gen Z and Millennials despite the fact that we have smart phones, flat screen 4K TVs, and can have our kombucha tea delivered to us now. This crisis isn’t about stuff, it’s about mattering, existence, and self-worth.

You will learn through the perspective of a CTE student, Jaden, how to conquer, manage, and overcome mental health struggles by becoming a Verbal Boss, trimming your Negativity Diet, Neutral Thinking, recognizing Cognitive Distortions, and more.

Below are a couple of sample sections from the “Boss Your Brain” Mental Health Conditioning for CTE coursebook.

Negativity DietLess Negativity Beats More Positivity.

It’s not about adding good habits to your life to your improve mental health and outlook towards life. It’s more about subtracting the bad stuff in your life, not adding more good stuff. Let’s be honest, not everybody has the discipline to add good habits because they’re lazy.

It’s about addition by subtraction. Subtraction is less work; easier, and more efficient. We don’t have time to add more good stuff. Cut out the negative, toxic, bad stuff in your life.

You have to make the right choices about what to eliminate like cutting out toxic friends, eating less chips, watching YouTube less, and so on. You cannot heal in the same place that got you sick.

Remember, negative energy is more powerful than positive energy. People respond more to negative energy than positive energy. You can have a social media post of 100 positive comments, but all it takes is 1 internet troll to leave a negative comment to ruin your day.

Neutral ThinkingProcess in Real-Time

When you’re going through the fire of life like job stress, getting rejected by bae, rejected by your dream college, rejected by your dream job, or your parents suddenly drop the news that they’re getting divorced — do you think positive or negative thinking is going to get you through whatever you’re going through?

No, it’s Neutral Thinking. Not positive. Not negative. But NEUTRALLY.

Neutral Thinking is real-time based thinking concept created by Trevor Moawad who says whatever situation you’re going through, good or bad. Instead of focusing on hyping yourself up with positive thinking or talking down to yourself with negative thinking, stay in the moment, talk to yourself through 3 simple steps, so that you can get to your desired outcome.

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